Theh 51st State? title imageRevolution and Treaties with the AnishinaabekAn old map of MichiganChief ShingaabawossinA treaty between the Anishinaabek and the U.S. GovernmentTimeline of treaties between the Anishinaabeg and U.S. GovernmentThe Toledo "War"Picture of Toledo A map showing position of Lake ErieThe "Battle" of Philips CornersOhio State vs. Michigan stadiumThe Frostbitten ConventionProceedings of the convention held at Ann ArborThe Constitutional Convention of 1850North MichiganThe State of SuperiorOfficial land deed in the name of Abner ShermanHorace Greeley weighs in on the New York TribuneTerritorial Conventions 1868 & 1875Clover-landThe Great DivideGambling on StatehoodDetroit Free Press, U.P. A State of Mind or of the Union?Opinion piece by James F. ClarkHouse Bill No. 6115Article about Ted Albert wanting to be Gov of U.P. 51st StateDocuments and pins from U.P. 51st State of SuperiorA letterhead for 51st state of superiorCopies of the Bessemer Pick & AxeOriginal posters from the 51st State of Upper PeninsulaOriginal posters from the 51st State of the Upper PeninsulaTed Albert and the U.P. as the 51st State"Say Yes to Michigan!" campaignMaps without the U.P.Inaccurate maps, the U.P. attached to Wisconsin NOT MichiganThe viability of U.P. being its own stateGraph showing the number of state employeesGraph showing the number of workers by populationGraph showing appropriations per full-time studentGraph showing percentage of population that are state employeesGraph showing state university/college appropriation per person (population)Graph showing Upper Peninsula Population (2010 Census) Total and by countyGraph showing Income Tax After Credits per personGraph showing Tax Ave. Before Tax Credits by CountyGraph showing Unemployment Rate (%) by CountyA map showing alternative results for various failed state partitionsCollage of lower and upper Michigan merchAcknowledgements for the 51st State Exhibit