Henry A. Tape

President of Northern State Teacher's College 1940-1956


    Henry Tape was Northern’s first president to receive his Ph.D.; a native of Michigan, he studied at both Michigan State Normal College (later Eastern Michigan University) and the University of Michigan before achieving his terminal degree from Teachers College at Columbia University. Like many Northern presidents before him, he had an illustrious career in education leadership before taking his post in Marquette. Having served as a superintendent and faculty member, he came to Northern well-prepared—however, the challenges of the post-depression and World War II years certainly offered a hearty challenge. Despite the enrollment dips during wartime, Tape stuck it out and focused on recruiting veterans to campus by encouraging GIville and Vetville as student housing. Rebounding enrollment saw Northern build a women’s dormitory (Carey Hall) and student center (Lee Hall), as well as the Lydia Olson Library. By the end of Tape’s career at Northern, it had officially transitioned from Northern State Teacher’s College to Northern Michigan College, reflecting its expansion.

Portrait of Henry A. Tape