Ogden E. Johnson

President of Northern Michigan College of Education from 1967-1968


Ogden Johnson was born in Wisconsin and received his bachelor’s degree from Augustana College and master’s degree from Boston University. He began his educational career at Newberry High School before moving to Ishpeming to serve as principal and superintendent for over 20 years. He then took up a position with Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company. NMU’s Board, of which Ogden became a member in 1964, had to make a decision regarding an interim president for the school after President Harden stepped down. They named Johnson interim president. President Johnson inherited Harden’s McClellan controversy, which wouldn’t become fully resolved until President Jamrich took office, which made his time as president fairly tumultuous. After holding office for about a year, he stepped down to allow the new President Jamrich to fulfill the role. He passed away only about a year after his retirement.

Portrait of Ogden E. Johnson