NMU's Mask Requirement

A face covering over one’s nose and mouth is required to be worn everywhere on campus except when you are alone in your private office, your personal living space, when outside and not near any other individuals, or when you are the sole individual in a University vehicle. This policy is being enforced through the Official University Requirement – NMU Student Code of Conduct (students) and as a condition of employment at NMU (employees).

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Governor's Mask Executive Order

On July 10, 2020, Michigan's governor announced an executive order that made not wearing a face covering a misdemeanor and subject to a $500 fine.  In Michigan, all individuals must now wear a mask while in indoor public areas, outdoors when social distancing is not possible, and outdoors when in large gatherings. The EO also requires businesses and organizations to deny service to individuals who are without a face covering or risk losing their business license. Northern will also deny service for anyone without a face covering.

Providing Masks

Northern ordered 20,000 cloth masks and provided two to each student and employee at the start of the semester. Students and employees are not required to wear the NMU face covering; if you have other face coverings that you find more comfortable, you are welcome to wear those. The University will also provide disposable masks throughout campus for those times when someone forgets their face covering. 

Medical Exemptions

Remote learning is available to those who can’t wear cloth masks due to health issues. Students should contact Disability Services (227-1737, disserv@nmu.edu) and employees, Human Resources (227-2330, hr@nmu.edu) to learn what documentation is necessary. 


Here are a few videos and infographics that provide information on how to properly put on, take off and take care of your face mask.

  • CDC: How to safely wear and take off a cloth face covering -- infographic
  • How to wear a fabric mask safely – video and infographic
  • Mask Wearing 101: How to Properly Use and Re-use a Mask - video

As a university, we collectively state that caring for our community – on and off campus – is one of our seven core values. While I know wearing a face covering is not always the most comfortable situation, this is one of the sacrifices we must make this semester to keep our campus healthy.