NMU's Mask Requirement

Effective March 8, 2022 

KN95, KF94 or N95 masks continue to be required in all classrooms and labs, but are no longer required in other indoor areas on NMU’s campus. Masks are strongly recommended for individuals with compromised immune systems or who interact with family members with compromised immune systems or are at high risks for COVID. If you have COVID symptoms (cough, sore throat, headache, etc.) or do not feel well, please stay home. Communicate with your faculty and/or work supervisor about your absence. If you are symptomatic and seeking out testing and/or guidance from your personal healthcare provider or the NMU Health Center (227-2355), wearing a mask in all NMU facilities is required.

Departmental and group meetings should be mask-optional, not mask-required, unless being held in a classroom or lab.

Individuals can request visitors to their personal office or personal (not public) workspace wear a mask. If an employee with high risk COVID considerations has their work space in a public, not private, area, contact SafeOnCampus@nmu.edu for assistance.

NMU students, faculty and staff must be prepared to revert back to required mask wearing throughout campus should COVID positive cases on campus or in the community increase significantly.

All individuals who feel more comfortable wearing masks anywhere on campus are encouraged to do so. The University will not tolerate actions by individuals to discourage mask wearing at NMU.

For more information about face masks, including how to wear and care for one, visit the CDC website.

Medical Exemptions

Remote learning is available to those who can’t wear cloth masks due to health issues. Students should contact Disability Services (227-1737, disserv@nmu.edu) and employees, Human Resources (227-2330, hr@nmu.edu) to learn what documentation is necessary. 


Here are a few videos and infographics that provide information on how to properly put on, take off and take care of your face mask.

  • CDC: How to safely wear and take off a cloth face covering -- infographic
  • How to wear a fabric mask safely – video and infographic
  • Mask Wearing 101: How to Properly Use and Re-use a Mask - video