Students walking on NMU's academic mall wearing face coverings

Event Overview

While the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has transformed what learning, living and working on campus will look like this fall, we are eager to welcome our students back to NMU's physical campus. Our employees have spent countless hours this spring and summer going to extraordinary measures to make our campus as safe as possible for our community of students, employees and visitors. 

The return to campus for most of you will begin with the Passport to Campus event. You will register for a time slot during the week of August 10 where you will participate in a COVID-19 screening test*, receive your NMU facemasks, and be given the resources you need to have a healthy, successful year at NMU. 


Exterior photo of NMU's Northern Center

Event Details

Time & Location

Monday, July 27 (employees only)
Monday, August 3 - Friday, August 15, 2020
NMU's Northern Center

Event Details

  • Complete your COVID-19 test
  • Receive your two complementary NMU-branded face coverings
  • Pick up your parking pass, student ID, textbooks, laptop and room key. (if applicable)

Additional Event Details

Entering the Building

You will be required to enter the Northern Center through the main entrance on the first floor. Prior to entering, you must text the check-in staff and let them know you have arrived. You will receive a text message when they are ready for you to enter. 

Mask Distribution

Northern ordered 20,000 cloth masks and is providing two to each student and employee at the Passport to Campus Event. Students and employees are not required to wear the NMU face covering; if you have other face coverings that you find more comfortable, you are welcome to wear those.

Parking Permit Distribution

Parking permits will not be sold in the Parking Services Office except for extenuating circumstances. To request your permit, visit Parking permits will be distributed during your assigned COVID-19 testing date at the Northern Center. Permits processed after your assigned COVID-19 testing date will only be available for pick-up at the NMU Police Department.

COVID-19 Testing

NMU has partnered with testing firm Tempus to administer 8,500 to all NMU employees and students. The tests will occur in 20 private bays located within the Northern Center ballrooms. It is a short-swab test that will be self-administered with a healthcare profession there to oversee it. It will take approximately five minutes. The costs for the test will be covered by NMU. Visit this page for more information on COVID-19 testing at NMU.

*If you are unable to receive a COVID-19 test for medical or religious reasons, please email