Student's Frequently Asked Questions as of January 2022

Northern’s intent is to complete the current semester with in-person classes. We cannot guarantee that NMU won’t go remote if necessary, but we feel we have some alternative options available before we would move to going completely remote for the semester.


Follow these 5 steps.

  1. If you tested positive at the NMU Health Center, you will be guided by the NMU Health Center’s medical staff on your next steps.   If you didn’t test at the NMU Health Center, you should follow any medical advice you are getting from your personal healthcare professional.
  2. Phone the NMU Health Center (227-2355)  or send a brief note to with your name and contact information so that NMU has your case on file for the University’s overall count and so that NMU can provide you with information it has available to assist you during the isolation period.
  3. Contact the faculty of your courses to let the know of your absence and to ask them what they want you to do during the isolation period to stay as current as you can with the course.  Keep a copy of those emails.  If you have difficulty connecting with a faculty member, contact the NMU Dean of Students Office (, 227-1700) for assistance.
  4. If you have a job on campus, contact your work supervisor to let them know of your absence and tentative return date.  You will also need to fill out the brief COVID-19 exposure form found on the MyNMU portal.  If you need help finding the form, ask your supervisor for assistance.
  5. Review the information the Dean of Students Office will email you to help you navigate the COVID-19 isolation/quarantine process, whether on or off campus. This information will go over things like how meals will be handled during your isolation/quarantine in Spooner Hall, for example.

Please follow the directives of your healthcare provider.  However, the CDC currently recommends that individuals isolate for five days.  If they have no fever or worsening COVID-19 symptoms on Day 6, you can end isolation but must be vigilant in your mask use when around other people for at least the next 5 days.  Find more information here.



If you are vaccinated, you must be vigilant about your mask use when around other people and monitor for COVID-19 symptoms for the next 10 days.  Upon detection of symptoms, you will need to test for COVID-19.  You do not have to quarantine unless you develop symptoms.

If you are unvaccinated, you should contact a healthcare provider to ask if you should be tested based on the factors of your exposure.  You should be prepared to answer questions about amount of time spent with the infected individual, closeness in distance to the individual and type of activity to help determine if testing is needed.  Because you are unvaccinated, if you’re exposure is considered primary, not secondary, there is a higher likelihood you will need to quarantine for at least 5 days.




 There is no opt-out option for the COVID-19 random testing being done by the University, except for those who qualify for a medical exemption to not be tested for COVID-19.  There is no religious exemption for COVID-19 testing. Non-compliance for students will be reported to the Dean of Students Office as a student code violation.  (Non-compliance for employees is reported to the Human Resources Office as a violation of university policy.)


Send an email to and a member of the NMU COVID-19 Response Team, which monitors the email box regularly, will get your question to the appropriate person for a response.