Providing Proof of Vaccination

Students and employees can quickly and conveniently upload vaccination cards or other types of vaccination documentation through The Bridge App (formerly Passport to Campus). After you upload your image the NMU Health Center medical staff will review your document and mark your NMU record with a COVID-19 vaccination flag.

Knowing the percentage of our campus population that is vaccinated will help make decisions about what pandemic protocols need to remain or can be lifted as we prepare for the fall semester.

Why Vaccinate?

 The reasons to vaccinate are many. Individuals who vaccinate:

  • decrease the risk of being drastically ill or hospitalized if infected with COVID-19
  • decrease the risk of transmitting the virus to family, friends, classmates, colleagues and their communities
  • may not have to quarantine if identified as a close contact (and in Michigan the quarantine length has gone back up to the full 14 days)
  • increase the NMU community’s percentage of protected individuals, which in turn, helps to get Northern closer to lifting pandemic protocols. It helps the efforts toward face-to-face instruction, less restrictive on-campus living and working, and being able to hold and participate in large group campus activities.

Vaccination Options

Students are able to sign up for the Marquette County Health Department vaccination clinics, as are faculty and staff. The MCHD has been mostly administering Moderna and Pfizer vaccinations, which have a 3 or 4 week period between the first and second shots. According to the MCHD, it is possible for students to get a first shot in Marquette and the second shot in their hometowns as long as it’s the same type of vaccine.

All individuals living in the State of Michigan who are 16 and older are now eligible to receive vaccinations.

There are also several area pharmacies providing vaccines, including some giving the J&J version.

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, Northern does not have a vaccination mandate for students or employees. But Northern strongly recommends that students and employees get vaccinated since the University will not lift pandemic restrictions until there is a high percentage of the on-campus population vaccinated.

COVID-19 vaccinations are free at most vaccination sites.

If you are fully vaccinated, you most likely will not have to quarantine for 10-14 days if you are identified as a close contact to someone who is infected with COVID-19. You will be asked to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms for a period of time.

The NMU Health Center is eligible to provide vaccinations and does so when vaccine is made available to the Center. At this time, most NMU students and employees are being vaccinated through the Marquette County Health Department and area pharmacies. To find out if the Health Center is providing vaccinations at this time, please call 906-227-2355 or email

You can reach out to the NMU Help Desk at or 906-227-2468.  Or, you can send an email describing what you've tried that didn't work to Someone will respond as quickly as they can.

No, your proof of vaccination must be documented through the Bridge app before you leave for any university-funded travel. If you do not provide the documentation prior to travel, Northern will not reimburse the travel expenses.

Yes, as general information becomes available about booster shots, Northern will share that information with students and employees. This information will be general, not specific to individuals.

A vaccination helps to protect you from getting drastically ill when infected with the COVID-19 virus. It does not fully eliminate the possibility of you getting COVID-19 and passing it on to others.  For that reason, all fully vaccinated individuals must continue to follow the University's pandemic protocols, including wearing a mask when indoors of NMU facilities.