Project dates: September 2010-November 2012

Northern Michigan University will study current processes for academic program review conducted by its academic departments and colleges; review past university-wide procedures; identify and analyze best practices used internally and externally; and develop a cyclic academic program review process that can be applied campus-wide. The baseline process must be systematic and standardized. While accommodating program accreditation requirements and  reflecting best practices and standards for academic program review, it must strive to efficiently align curricula and program offerings with student’ and  employers’ needs.

Project Documents

Drafts Ready for Pilot Testing

  • APR Self-Study Template (draft v. 6-13-11)
    • Note that at the top of each data table it says “Data will be provided for last five years.” Data will be prepared by the offices of Institutional Research and Informational Services and given to the department. It will be the department’s job to interpret the data and discuss it.
    • Questions are provided to guide you as you address each component of the review.
    • Note that there are some sections that are not applicable for a particular major so they can be omitted.
  • APR Process (draft v. 6-13-11)
  • APR Glossary (incomplete draft v. 6-13-11)

Note:  These draft documents were tested by two APR pilots - Communications and Media Studies (CAMS) and Engineering Technologies - during 2011-2012. The APR Task Force revised based on feedback.

Resources Used


Task Force Members 

T. Seethoff - co-chair Acad Affairs 2010-12
L. Putman - co-chair Chemistry 2010-12
J. Cantrill CAMS 2010-12
P. Cianciolo Sociology/Social Work 2010-12
P. Lang College of Professional Studies 2010-11
S. Larson Art & Design 2010-12
S. Poindexter Business, AQIP Coordinator 2010-12
D. Pozega Engineering Tech 2010-11
M. Rudisill Engineering Tech 2010-12