Students in the applied exercise science and health degree program will prepare for careers in this broad field that could include cardiac rehabilitation, gerontology, medically supervised fitness, strength and conditioning, personal training, group exercise instruction, community health and sport and fitness management. Students will share a strong foundational core of classes and choose a concentration area in their junior year for advanced course work leading to career advancing knowledge, and / or preparation for nationally recognized certifications and graduate degree admissions.

Applied Exercise Science and Health majors must achieve a grade of ā€œCā€ (2.00) or higher in all major courses. In addition, students are expected to follow a lifestyle commensurate with their professional aspirations.

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Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Applied Exercise Science and Health Core Courses 60
BI 207 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 4
BI 208 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 4
CH 105 Chemical Principles [SCII] 4
ES 315 Physiology of Exercise 4
HL 101 Medical Terminology for Health Educators 2
HL 110 Introduction to Health and Fitness Education Professions 2
HL 111 Lifespan Health 3
HL 125 Emergency Health Care 3
HL 260 Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology 3
HL 440 Critical Issues in Health Education [INTT] 3
HL 490 Seminar in Applied Exercise Science and Health (1 - 4 cr.) 1
HL 491 Internship in Applied Exercise Science and Health (2 - 8 cr.) 2
HN 210 Nutrition for Humans 4
HP 200 Physical Well Being 1
DATA 109 Introduction to Statistics [QUAR] 4
PL 181 Business Ethics [PERS] 4
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychological Science [SCII] 4
Electives from HL, ES, HPE, PE, or others with Advisor Approval 8

Concentration 19-21
Choose one concentration from the following:
Clinical Exercise Science 19
HL 315 Research in Applied Exercise Science and Health 3
HL 460 Management of Chronic Diseases 3
HL 461 Cardiopulmonary Physiology and Pharmacology 3
HL 470 Electrocardiography 3
HL 471 Exercise Assessment and Prescription 4
HL 476 Exercise and Fitness for Special Populations 3
Sport Performance and Fitness Leadership 21
ES 317 Anatomical Kinesiology 3
ES 421 Physiology of Training for Sport 3
ES 475 Theory of Strength Training and Conditioning Techniques 3
HL 230 Fitness Leadership 3
HL 275 Essentials of Personal Training 3
HL 471 Exercise Assessment and Prescription 4
HN 310 Nutrition for Fitness and Sports 2
Sport and Fitness Management 19
ACT 230 Principles of Accounting I 4
HL 431 Sport and Fitness Management 3
MGT 240 Organizational Behavior and Management 4
MKT 230 Introduction to Marketing 4
MGT, MKT, FIN, ACT or ESPR Elective with Advisor Approval 4
Community Health 21
HL 240 Community Health 4
HL 250 Applied Health Theory 3
HL 311 Health Communication 3
HL 315 Research in Applied Exercise Science and Health 3
HL 367 Program Planning and Evaluation I 3
HL 368 Program Planning and Evaluation II 3
HL 430 Grant Writing for Health Educators 2

This major does not require a minor.