The President’s Committee on Gender and Sexuality consists of six faculty and six staff members serving three-year terms with an option to renew; three students serving one-year terms with an option to renew; and five ex-officio members (or their designees) based on their university position. The group’s primary responsibilities are to make recommendations to the president regarding gender-related and sexuality issues and opportunities on campus and in the community that impact Northern students, faculty and staff. 

In addition, four ex-officio members are appointed from the President's Committee on Diversity.

Faculty members --
Sharon Bohjanen, Education, Co-Chair
Chet DeFonso, History
Melissa Copenhaver, Nursing
Michelle Grace-Williams, Education
Ruth Watry, Political Science

Staff members --
Emily Bachman, Network Operations Center, Co-Chair
Michelle Kimball, College of Technical & Occupational Sciences
Ashley Shaffer, Housing & Residence Life
Alyssa Barker, Housing & Residence Life
Sydney Sarasin, DeVos Art Museum
Susan Robison, Housing & Residence Life

Students -- 
Alison Deutsch
Sarah Schad
Shelby Goode

Ex-officio Members --
Shawnrece Campbell, Assistant Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion
Rachel Harris, Center for Student Enrichment, Co-Chair
Harger Boal, Equal Opportunity/Title IX
Amy Hamilton, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Gary Stark, Business