Northern Michigan University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and is diligent in following federal and state employment laws.

For the recruitment selection process and description, visit NMU Human Resources.

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The university uses an automated position management and recruiting system.  The position management module combines the current position/management questionnaire, classification description and essential job task sheet into one automated form.  Current employees as well as supervisors access the on-line system to create and/or modify a position.  The changes are electronically submitted for approval and managers have the ability to track position descriptions as they move through the approval process.  When a position becomes vacant, the hiring department can easily convert a position description into a job requisition which includes the information currently required on the job posting request form as well as the advertisement/recruitment plan.  This eliminates the forms and time associated with the traditional paper process. 

Vacancies are electronically posted and applications can be screened based on job specific qualification questions.  The self disclosure form is incorporated into the system which will increase the response rate.  Applications, resumes, cover letters and other attachments are routed to search committees on-line eliminating the need to copy paper application materials. 

Applicants can complete and save their application on-line and as positions become available, they can attach their application materials to vacancies of interest.  As long as changes aren’t required when applying for multiple positions, the application will not need to be revised.  This will reduce the effort, time and costs for applicants.  Another advantage is automated notifications to applicants both on-line and via e-mail regarding the status of their application.