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Establishing a Professional Affiliate

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Establishing a Professional Affiliate

Date Approved:10-16-2013
Last Revision:1-8-2019
Last Reviewed:1-8-2019
Approved By:President
Attached form file: Professional Affiliate Policy Form rev 12_18.docx
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Establish a formal professional affiliation between Northern Michigan University (NMU) and an individual or a representative of an organization.  


Individuals not employed by NMU may be engaged in approved affiliated activities, typically through a partnering organization or institution, which require access to limited, specific university resources.  Such individuals or organizations must be designated as a Professional Affiliates.  In the case of an organization, there must be an individual designated as the Professional Affiliate representative.

Professional Affiliate status is designated solely for the purpose identified on the affiliate request form and the designation is used to provide the individual or organization access to limited, specific NMU resources required to achieve the stated purpose.

Such affiliations must be approved by the university President or a Vice President, as appropriate to the affiliation.

Application for access to NMU resources via a Professional Affiliate designation is made through the collaborating/sponsoring NMU office or department, according to applicable University policies. The sponsoring office administrator or department head is responsible for ensuring that the affiliated individual or organizational representative is aware of applicable policies regarding the use of NMU resources.

Each Professional Affiliate request will specify an expiration date of three (3) years or less. A Professional Affiliate designation may be reviewed to determine if renewal of the status is appropriate.


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