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Medical Amnesty

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Medical Amnesty

Date Approved:6-18-2015
Last Revision:6-18-2015
Last Reviewed:6-18-2015
Approved By:Board of Trustees
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Northern Michigan University has instituted a Medical Amnesty Policy in order to ensure that students receive prompt and appropriate attention for alcohol or other drug related emergencies, and that there are no barriers to seeking such assistance.




In those instances in which a student calls the NMU Police Department, other NMU staff, or another health and safety entity for assistance with an alcohol or other drug related emergency, neither the individual calling nor the student in need of assistance will face formal conduct action by the Dean of Students Office regarding violations of alcohol and other drug policies.  Amnesty applies only to alcohol and other drug violations.  In order to qualify for medical amnesty, medical attention must be received at the time of the incident.

If intoxicated/impaired students demonstrate a reckless or habitual lack of care concerning their well-being and the well-being of the campus community, a member of the Dean of Students Office staff will determine the actions necessary to protect the welfare of the student and the campus community.

A representative of an organization hosting an event is expected to promptly call, at the time of the incident, for medical assistance in an alcohol or other drug related emergency. This act of responsibility may lessen the student conduct consequences against the organization resulting from Student Code violations that have occurred at the time of the incident. Likewise, failure to call for medical assistance in an alcohol or other drug related emergency will be considered an "aggravating circumstance" and may affect the student conduct resolution against the organization if Student Code violations have occurred.

This policy is designed to save lives. The spirit of the Medical Amnesty Policy is that we all have an ethical responsibility to help people in need. There is an expectation that students will take active steps to protect the safety and well-being of our community.