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Transfer of University Historical Records to Archives Policy

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Transfer of University Historical Records to Archives Policy

Date Approved:4-8-2019
Last Revision:4-8-2019
Last Reviewed:4-8-2019
Approved By:President
Oversight Unit:RECORDS
Attached form file: Reappraisal-Transfer of Historical University Records to Archives.docx
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Primary: To establish a clear differentiation between records that require a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and records that are available for public access.

Secondary: To establish a criteria and procedure for transferring historical university records from Records Management to the Archives.


All university staff, faculty, students, and visitors.


Records originating from the university that are sent to Records Management for storage will, by default, require a FOIA for public access.

Stored university records that meet certain criteria and that are reviewed following an approved process are eligible for reappraisal and transfer from Records Management to the university Archives, where they will be available to the public without a FOIA request.

This policy will support the mission of the Archives to document, share, and preserve the historical records of Northern Michigan University.