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Change-In-Use/Moves And/Or Renovation/Remodeling Project

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Change-In-Use/Moves And/Or Renovation/Remodeling Project

Date Approved:3-31-2000
Last Revision:3-1-2019
Last Reviewed:3-1-2019
Approved By:President
Attached form file: CHANGE in Use Form.docx
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To ensure adherence to all applicable federal, state regulations and NMU policies for new construction, renovation, remodeling and personnel office moves.


This policy applies to all university departments.


It is the policy of Northern Michigan University that any department wanting to make a change to the department's use of facilities including space assignments, moves, renovation of existing facilities or installation/modification of equipment which requires a change to building systems must submit a Change-in-Use request with division head signature to Engineering and Planning for approval.