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Cell Phone Service and Related Equipment

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Cell Phone Service and Related Equipment

Date Approved:4-23-2008
Last Revision:4-23-2008
Last Reviewed:4-23-2008
Approved By:President
Oversight Unit:PURCHASING
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To allow Northern Michigan University to provide a stipend (subject to applicable taxes) for cell phone service and related equipment to employees whose duties and responsibilities require them to carry cell phones.



Employees with administrative and/or supervisory responsibilities as referenced in the specific procedures and guidelines outlined in the section entitled “Definitions.” Any exceptions will require written approval from his/her Vice President or President.



Supervisors may authorize a cell phone/equipment stipend for regular full-time employees whom they supervise if at least one of the following criteria are met:

  1. The job function of the employee requires time outside of his/her assigned office or work area and he/she must be able to conduct university business via a cell phone during those times.
  2. The job function requires the employee to be accessible outside of scheduled or normal working hours.

If authorized, employees required to carry a cell phone for university business will receive compensation in the form of a cell phone/equipment stipend.