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Asbestos Management

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Asbestos Management

Date Approved:10-18-1998
Last Revision:10-18-1998
Last Reviewed:10-18-1998
Approved By:President
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To establish a policy for Northern Michigan University to manage asbestos in accordance with current state and federal laws.


All University employees, full time, part time, temporary, casual labor, contractors and vendors.



Northern Michigan University will promptly investigate reported asbestos problems and will act to protect the safety and health of the University community. Incidents will be fully documented and we shall appropriately record abatement procedures and activities. All asbestos projects will be completed in accordance with current State and Federal laws.


Section 40, CFR, Part 61 (NESHAPS), CFR, Part 763 (AHERA), Section 124, Act 154, of Public Acts of 1974, Public Act 127, of 1995 , Public Act 440 of 1988, Public Act 55 of 1993 and Act 135 of Public Acts of 1986.