Fat Pedagogy:  Challenging Anti-Fatness  in the Classroom with Dr. Abby Knoblauch

Fat Pedagogy: Challenging Anti-Fatness in Classroom Practices

M. Scott Momaday (Kiowa) says that “our stories explain us, justify us, sustain us, humble us, and forgive us. And sometimes they injure and destroy us” (169). The stories that others tell about us can do the same: sustain and humble us, but also injure and destroy us. This presentation will examine the ways that common (usually fictional) anti-fat stories circulate within and through our classroom discourses—sometimes even without our knowledge. In response, I’ll provide a framework for a fat pedagogy designed to help address anti-fat bias in the classroom.


Monday, Mar 20, 2023

Start Time:  4:00 pm
End Time:  4:50 pm

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The Northern Center


Peninsula I


1401 Presque Isle

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Stefani Vargas

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