Welcome to the 2021 Gender Fair!

About the Gender Fair

The NMU Gender Fair was started in 2017 by NMU undergraduate student Madeline Wiles.  It has since become an annual student-run event that fosters diversity and inclusion throughout campus and the Marquette community. It continues to run this year as the first virtual form of the fair. Organized to align with Women's History Month, there will be faculty and graduate student presentations throughout March as well as student projects that will be available all the time. The Gender Fair is open to everyone on campus and in the community.

Please explore the faculty presentations and student projects below. 


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The North Wind


All events are free and open to students, faculty, staff, and community members. Click "Watch Recorded Talk" to access individual presentations.

Available Now

Dr. Alan Willis

Podcast: "A Colonial Morality Case: What it Means for Today"

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March 3 | 3pm

Dr. Ryan Stock

Webinar: "Photons vs. Firewood: Female (Dis)empowerment by Solar Power"

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March 8 | 1pm

Nadine Sikora

Webinar: "The Effects of Exogenous Testosterone on Hypertrophy in Transgender Males"

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March 10 | 12pm

Dr. Ruth Ann Watry

Book Discussion (hosted by the Diversity Common Reader Program): "Gender and Sexuality in Ta-Nehisi Coates' Between the World and Me"

March 15 | 4pm

Dr. Gary Stark

Webinar: "-isms in Organizations"

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March 18 | 6pm

Prof. Sara Potter

Webinar: "Surviving Hurricane Maria: Mothers on the March"

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March 22 | 11am

Dr. Keenan Colquitt

Webinar: "Implementing Effective Initiatives to Address Toxic Masculinity on College Campuses"

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March 30 | 12pm

Autumn Cejer

Webinar: "Bisexuality and Disability in Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra"

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Activism Projects

Activism projects are focused on spreading awareness about important issues in today’s social climate and give advice on what changes could be enacted. From supporting small businesses to making sure NMU’s campus is safe for everyone, these are insights you won’t want to miss.

Cultural Analysis Projects

These submissions take on a more global perspective by examining how different cultures operate in terms of gender roles, gender identities, sexuality and sexual orientation, fashion, and much more. The cultures featured range from studies of Indigenous North American Cultures to Japanese harajuku street fashion and an array of other topics.

Digital Media Analysis

The students behind these projects have chosen examples of media ranging from video games to advertisements and analyzed how they are influenced by societal ideas related to gender and sexuality. Some of the topics covered include misogynistic ads, homophobic comics, and television scenes that explore representations of bisexuality.

Gender and Environment Zines

These contributions are like mini digital magazines you can click through to learn how environmental issues and gender intersect. These informative projects teach us about ecofeminism, Indigenous climate activism, environmental racism, gender gaps in environmentalism, and tons more.

Identity Projects

These projects are about how gender and sexuality impact the individual and produce a variety of unique experiences. The student creators have examined the influences that these forces have on their lives and channelled their understandings into digital collages, word clouds, and even original drawings and photography.