NU 749 Clinical Practicum-4 4 cr.  (0-0-4)
  • Graded: A/F
  • Prerequisites: NU 552, NU 554, NU 541, NU 726, NU 815, NU 742, NU 743, NU 744, NU 745 NU 746, NU 747, and CLS 536
  • Bulletin Year: 2022 - 2023 Graduate Bulletin

This course is designed to refine and build on skills developed in NU 747. The graduate nursing student will select and implement evidence-based strategies and demonstrate increasingly complex leadership roles within the context of the health care team, and measure outcomes using informatics for quality improvement. This includes development and examination of personal leadership style within specific clinical environments. The student will integrate interventions appropriate to diverse and rural populations.