McNair at NMU

The Northern Michigan University McNair Scholars Program strives to provide students with the information and experiences that will make their graduate school transition easier and more rewarding. Throughout their time in the program, students take part in a wide variety of programs, including:

  • Faculty-guided research internship
  • McNair workshops and seminars
  • Completion of a 20- to 30-page paper formatted in the style appropriate to your discipline
  • Visit graduate school campuses
  • Prepare and take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam)
  • Attend regional and national conferences
  • Present research to a wide variety of audiences
  • Monthly McNair advisor meetings

McNair Mission

The mission of the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program at Northern Michigan University is to increase graduate rates and post-baccalaureate success among first generation-low income students and students who come from a minority population that is underrepresented in graduate education. The McNair Scholars program is dedicated to supporting students in their pursuit of critical inquiry through research experiences and to fostering productive relationships between students and faculty researchers. The McNair Scholars program also seeks to encourage students to embrace diversity and cultivate lifelong learning goals through cultural activities and individual academic support.

NMU's McNair Scholars Program works closely with students in completing their undergraduate requirements, encouraging and supporting their entrance into graduate programs, and tracking their progress to successful completion of advanced degrees. The goal of McNair is to increase the attainment of Ph.D. degrees by students from underrepresented segments of society.

We encourage you to join the McNair Scholars program, as an undergraduate participant, a faculty mentor or simply a supportive partner. Let us help you explore your potential.

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Meet the Scholars

The students in the program are what make it so unique and special to be involved in. Meet some of the scholars involved and learn about their experience as a McNair Scholar at NMU.

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Summer Research

Students are expected to complete a summer research component as part of their participation in the program. Upon completion they are eligible to receive up to $2,500 in research stipend money and two college credits.

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