At Northern Michigan University, each administrator, staff member, and volunteer is committed to providing a safe and educational experience for the children participating in our programs.

Each individual involved in children’s programming agrees to follow the university Code of Conduct. In addition, our program faculty, staff, and volunteers undergo a background screening and complete annual training. You can see the list of all currently registered youth and children's programs offered by viewing the Registered Programs page. If you want to learn more about the process that NMU follows to prepare to offer a youth program, view the Minors on Campus Handbook and Code of Conduct.

Parents and guardians are partners in this process too. As our partners, we ask that you:

  • Select programs that are appropriate for your child
  • Review the program materials
  • Complete all registration forms accurately
  • Discuss appropriate behaviors with your child or teen before the program begins
  • Our expectations for appropriate behaviors are detailed in the Participant Code of Conduct
  • Inform program staff of any concerns

Finally, please report any concerns promptly to the program administrator, program staff, or to:

Candace Ruusi
Risk Management