The following PLAN of action will be followed when we suspect one of our participants as having sustained a concussion.

  1. Concussion suspected by instructor (includes camp counselor, lifeguard, student building manager, full-time staff, etc.).
  2. Based on the information presented in concussion education training:
    1. Participant will be immediately removed from activity.
    2. Parent and/or emergency contact will be notified.
    3. Participant will be referred to NMU Health Center (if NMU student) or to UP Health system, Marquette.
  3. Any participant exhibiting an injury that involves symptoms, long duration of symptoms or difficulty with memory function will not be allowed to return to participate during the same day.
  4. It has been further demonstrated that retrograde amnesia, anterograde amnesia, and the duration of confusion and mental status changes are more sensitive indicators of injury severity; thus a a participant with these symptoms will not be allowed to return to participate during the same day.
  5. It is essential that no participant be allowed to return to participation when any symptoms persist, either at rest or exertion, and that a full-time staff person shall have the unchallengeable authority to determine management and return to participation of any injured participant, as they deem appropriate. 
  6. Injured participants will be given instructions along with parent and/or emergency contact, as to what to do should symptoms worsen. Should symptoms worsen, including prolonged LOC, confusion, seizure activity, or worsening headaches, the participant will be referred to the nearest Emergency Department for assessment. 
  7. Participants should avoid alcohol or other substances that will impair their neurocognitive function, and also avoid aspirin and other medications that can increase their risk of bleeding. 
  8. In addition to physical exertion, the participant should be monitored with mental exertion, including reading, computer use, classroom work, and test taking. 
  9. The parents/guardian or emergency contact of the participant that has sustained a concussion or suspected concussion will be notified immediately so that proper follow up care can be coordinated.