The 3+3 Legal Education Accelerated Program (LEAP) allows qualifying students to complete 3 years of undergraduate work at Northern Michigan University and 3 years of law school at Michigan State University in order to complete both the baccalaureate and JD (Doctor of Juris) degrees in six years instead of seven. This accelerated legal education is made possible by double counting credits earned during the first year of law school toward both the JD and toward the Baccalaureate degree.

“Students will have the opportunity to enter MSU College of Law in their senior year and count that first year of law school credit toward both their JD and BA or BS degrees,” said Steve Nelson, NMU political science professor and pre-law adviser. “This is another excellent opportunity that we provide to our pre-law students.”

Carter Wilson, head of the NMU Political Science Department said, “This agreement is a testament to a little-known fact about NMU. Judging from Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores and law school placements, NMU has one of the most outstanding pre-law programs in the state of Michigan.”

To qualify for this program candidates must maintain a grade point average above a 3.7 grade point average and score above 150 on the LSAT (Law School Admission Test).

For more information about this program, email, or call 906-227-2019. 

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"My top two schools were MSU and NMU so this was the perfect opportunity for me to experience both. NMU has prepared me for my future career in law by allowing me to work in close contact with many different professors with many different backgrounds in the law and political science field. It [LEAP] has taught me to plan ahead and work hard. Because it is an accelerated program, I have had to work through my requirements at NMU more quickly than most. To do this, I have been very diligent with my planning to make sure I complete everything I need to. I also have had to be on my toes, ready for anything life or school throws at me while still staying focused and working hard to complete my schooling in three years instead of four. I am beginning my journey at MSU Law School this coming fall of 2021. I am very excited about continuing my school and moving forward with my goals. I am very grateful for the opportunities that the NMU/MSU LEAP partnership has provided me."

Marin Hoffman

Political Science with a Pre-Law concentration