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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

NMU acknowledges that historical patterns of oppression in US society—beginning with colonization, and continuing with racial and ethnic discrimination, and mistreatment of LGBTQIA+ people and people with disabilties and other marginalized populations—also exist on college campuses. NMU must commit to understanding those patterns and work to create a more just university and society. We must recognize that diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) do not simply exist with a statement but rather must be sewn into the fabric of our university culture and values. NMU must ensure the sustainability of the comprehensive, transformative work of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, and understand the long journey that will create a community where everyone feels safe, supported, and included.


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Focus Goals


  • Launch collaborations across our campus to create, foster  and continuously strengthen a comprehensive, university-wide, long-term DEIB action plan.


  • Recruit and retain faculty and staff of diverse backgrounds at all levels of employment.


  • Recruit and retain students of diverse backgrounds.


  • Integrate diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion in academics.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Goals Strategy

Item Strategy Oversight Goal Alignment Focus Area Key Metrics Timeline
1 Revisit existing DEIB structures and efforts to ensure alignment with final interim strategic plan DEIB Oversight Group G1 Recommendations submitted to President 2022
2 Hire a head of DEIB (formerly Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer) President's Division G1

Position filled within specified timeframe

3 Review university policies and procedures for systemic inequities/bias Division Vice Presidents G1 Recommendations for change submitted to President 2023
4 Create/ensure delivery of  student, faculty and staff training in DEIB areas

Equal Opportunity

Human Resources

Student Equity and Engagement Center 

G1 Training sessions offered 2023
5 Complete campus climate survey

DEIB Oversight Group

Institutional Effectiveness

G1 Survey completed, results communicated and action plans formed 2024
6 Review recruiting/search processes

Academic Affairs

Equal Opportunity

Human Resources

G2 Recommendations submitted to President 2023
7 Identify DEIB needs, issues and opportunities within NMU Division Vice Presidents G2, G3 Recommendations submitted to President 2023
8 Identify DEIB needs, issues and opportunities in the community (businesses and organizations) DEIB Oversight Group G2, G3 Recommendations submitted to President 2024
9 Create strategies to support and engage underrepresented faculty, staff and students Division Vice Presidents G2, G3 Recommendations submitted to President 2023
10 Determine need for rapid response teams, bias incident protocols, and addressing slurs and hate speeche

Dean of Students Office

Housing and Residence Life

Police Department  

Student Equity and Engagement Center   

G1, G2, G3 Recommendations submitted to President   2022
11 Review current student recruitment processes, including domestic and international students

Admissions Office

International Programs Office

G3 Recommendations submitted to Provost  2023
12 Review current services and supports for underrepresented students Division Vice Presidents G3 Recommendations submitted to President and Provost 2023
13 Provide tools and support to integrate DEIB into the curriculum, co-curriculum and research Academic Senate G4 Recommendations submitted to Provost 2024
14 Create/enhance structures that promote and encourage more cross-departmental collaborations that already integrate DEIB perspectives through curriculum  Academic Deans G4 Recommendations submitted to Provost 2023
15 Academic departments complete review of bylaws and policies for systemic inequities Academic Department Heads G4 Completed and report submitted to Deans 2023
16 Develop a plan to implement Universal Design for Learning across the university as possible Center for Teaching and Learning G4 Recommendations submitted to Provost 2024