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New Markets, New Supports

NMU recognizes the necessity for highly effective recruitment and retention programming. Demographic and other external factors will create strains on enrollment and resources in the coming decade. In order to plan for these challenges, significant investments in enrollment and student success strategies are needed to lead us into the future in a strong position to serve our students effectively.


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Focus Goals

G1:  Recruitment

  • Increase NMU competitive edge in attracting students
  •  Leverage the unique programs offered by NMU to attract students
  •  Increase diversity of the student body

G2:  Student Success and Retention

  • Engage in proactive, holistic advising leveraging student success technology and student-centered analytics
  • Increase student sense of belonging and engagement
  • Strengthen support for mental health and physical well-being

G3:  Academic Program Innovation

  • Drive academic innovation of new and existing programs to attract new students
  • Employ new flexible, responsive and adaptive methods of content delivery to better meet the needs of current and future students.

New Markets, New Supports Focus Goals

Item Strategy Oversight Goal Alignment Focus Area Key Metrics Timeline
1 Create comprehensive enrollment plan

Academic Affairs

Global Campus

Graduate Studies and Research

Technology and Occupational Sciences

G1, G2

Completed plan by September 1, 2022

Enrollment targets identified

2 Cultivate and launch ideas that will lead to academic and support programs that are future-focused Academic Affairs G1, G2, G3 New and transformed programs 2023
3 Enhance programming that increases students’ sense of belonging and engagement Dean of Students G1, G2

Participation and satisfaction in student groups

Participation and student satisfaction in internships, mentorships, and career readiness

4 Construct mental and physical health and wellness center adjacent to resident student population, and migrate health center and counseling services to new facilities

Academic Affairs

Finance and Administration

G1, G2 Students will receive physical and mental health services in new facilities by January 2024 2024
5 Align all advising and ongoing student success efforts Student Success and Wellness G2

Percent of students advised by student success specialists

Persistence and graduation rates

6 Invest in facilities projects that enhance the student experience

Academic Affairs

Finance and Administration

G1, G2, G3 Completion percentage of key projects with direct connection to the student experience 2022
7 Integrate student-centered analytics designed to improve student experiences and outcomes Institutional Effectiveness G2

Percent of student population to which the model has been applied

Model accuracy

8 Identify and develop internal areas where strategic partnerships would be beneficial for student support and academic innovation

Academic Affairs

Extended Learning 

Alumni Relations

G1, G2, G3

Number of potential opportunities

Percentage of opportunities where partnerships were established

9 Build out and adopt the Education Success Platform (ESP) Student Success Collaborative G2 Usage of ESP (faculty, students, advisers) 2022