Is the requesting group a school or organization affiliated with NMU?


Time commitment of the President’s participation at event
Additional information and requirements


(complete this section only if request is for the President to speak at event)
Type of remarks requested
Audience for event (check all that apply)
Is an introduction of the President required?
Will the President be expected to introduce anyone?
Additional venue and event information
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  • If the President’s name is noted on invitation or material for an event, those pieces must be submitted to the Office of the President for review and approval prior to printing.
  • Event Background
    All background info for President's remarks due 7 business days prior to event
    Biographical information (if applicable) due 5 business days prior to event
    Order of program due 5 business days prior to event
    List of attendees due 2 business days prior to event
    Table seating (if applicable) due 2 business days prior to event

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