Assistant Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion Search

Northern Michigan University is launching a national search for an Assistant Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion.

Our Core Values Include:






Our Services are Open to All:

  • A gathering space that is a welcoming environment for all and is designed explicitly for marginalized students 
    • Free coffee/tea/hot chocolate and snacks 
    • Information and resources on diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • A professional staff equipped to support diverse students 
      • A student staff trained on EDI and providing support to peers
    • A reliable and safe place for students to access a host of services and support navigating institutional systems 
  • A hub to connect folks to campus and community DEI resources
    • The FIND, a room dedicated to BIPOC, LGBT, and Racial/Social justice resources 
    • A place to gather with the diverse student organizations 
  • Workshops, lectures, events, and programs centered around diversity and inclusion!

Upcoming Events

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How to Connect With Us

3001 Hedgcock