All registered student organizations are eligible for an email account.  To request an account, your organization’s adviser should send an email to  If you have a specific name you’d like to use for your account (up to eight characters), be sure to include that in the email as well.  Once your group’s status has been verified, your adviser will be sent an email with the name of the account and password.

In order to have an account on myweb, the adviser of your student organization will have to email the Help Desk at and request an email account for your student organization. The email account allows the student organization the same access to myweb for creating web pages that an individual student/faculty/staff email account allows. Once your group has an email account, you can access information about your webspace at For information on how to set up a web page, visit the Academic Computing Services homepage and click on "Services" in the left-hand column and then click on "My Web."

There are instructions at for FTPing files to your site as well as other necessary configurations.

Yes!  In order to start an organization’s checking and/or savings account at a bank/credit union, your organization must have a federal tax identification number. If your group doesn't have one, you can obtain one by applying for an Employer ID number with the IRS (visit and search for "EIN" for the most current process). You can complete the process over the phone (800-829-4933) or online by filling out the SS-4 form. A bank/credit union will not set up an account without this number. If the annual activity or anticipated balance of your organization’s account is $500 or less, a checking account may be all you want to set up. 

If your group decides it wants to set up an interest-bearing account, you must apply for exemption from income tax by completing an Application for Recognition of Exemption under Section 501(C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Package 1023) (follow this link for the Form 1023 instructions; the form is at, and the User Fee for Exempt Organization Determination Letter Request (Form 8718) (located at Each application for Recognition of Exemption must be accompanied by a conformed copy of your Organization’s Certificate of Incorporation, Constitution, Articles of Association, Trust Indenture, and Bylaws.

Raffles are a game of chance where tickets are sold, a winner(s) is determined by randomly drawing a ticket stub from a container, and a prize is awarded.  If your organization is holding a 50-50 or a “drawing for a door prize,” you need to register your raffle with the State of Michigan, and pay the following fees: 

  • If the total value of all the prizes awarded in one day is $500 or LESS, the license fee is $15.
  • If the total value of all the prizes awarded in one day is $500 or MORE, the license fee is $50.

Please allow four to six weeks for processing your request. 

A raffle license is not required when ALL OF THE FOLLOWING elements are present:
1)  There is no presale of tickets (all of the tickets are sold at a single gathering).
2)  The drawing is conducted at the same gathering that the tickets are sold.
3)  The total value of all the prizes does not exceed $100.

For more information on holding a raffle, go to, and click on “Raffle,” or call (517) 335-5780. 

Yes.  For more information on holding your tournament, please go to and click on “Texas Hold ‘Em.”

Any NMU student may be involved in Superior Edge.  Participants will need to attend a Superior Edge orientation to become acquainted with logging hours and requirements.  Register for Superior Edge (1101 Northern Center, 906-227-6543, or edge@nmu.eduorientation dates/times on The Hub NMU.  Superior Edge staff are willing to offer orientation training sessions specifically to organizations if a sufficient number of members are interested.  For more information, please go to Superior Edge or call 906-227-6543.