If you are like most college students, your years at Northern Michigan University will be one of the most incredible periods of your life.  Extracurricular involvements will help you enjoy college, meet people, and make new friends. Without realizing it you will become a member of our campus community. Your experiences will also help you grow as a person — developing skills and abilities that will benefit you now in your career and in your future community.

There is something for everyone at Northern Michigan University with more than 300 student organizations, leadership programs, and hundreds of events and activities.

The Center for Student Encrichment is home to the Student Leader Fellowship Program, Student Organizations, Superior Edge, and the Volunteer Center. Learn more about each below:


SLFP Block on Fall Retreat

Student Leader Fellowship Program

The Student Leader Fellowship Program (SLFP) is a two-year, nationally recognized leadership program. Committed to developing competent, ethical, and community-centered leaders, the SLFP provides student fellows with a series of unique experiences such as a fall retreat, a two-credit leadership class, a community mentor, a Community Service Internship and a thorough workshop series called Skill Builders!


Student Organizations

Student Organizations

With over 300 registered student clubs and organizations, you will definitely find something that interests you. Student organizations sponsor campus-wide programs and events each year in addition to hundreds of group activities. Throughout your college career, student organizations at Northern Michigan University can provide you with fun, friendships, memories, and educational experiences that cannot be found in the classroom.

Solid Green Background

Citizenship • Diversity • Leadership • Real World Skills • Fun • Friendship • Memories that will last a lifetime!

Superior Edge

Superior Edge is a student development program at Northern Michigan University that provides students with the opportunity to combine in- and out-of-the-classroom experiences in a way that will provide them with an edge with employers or graduate school admissions counselors.  Superior Edge was developed as a university-wide initiative by a committee comprised of faculty, staff, and students. Superior Edge develops citizen-leaders for the 21st century. 

Volunteer Center

At the Volunteer Center, NMU students, student organizations, faculty, and staff can find out about volunteer opportunities and local contact information for non-profit organizations looking for volunteers. The Volunteer Center also coordinates Make A Difference Day.  Finally, the Volunteer Center works to encourage service through recognizing volunteers’ achievements.

Pick One. Experience NMU.

Pick One is an initiative at Northern Michigan University that encourages all students to build friendships, connect to campus and get involved. While you’re exploring your interests and building your resume, you’ll also become a more engaged member of the NMU community. With over 300 registered student clubs and organizations, you will definitely find something that interests you. 

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