Emma Thiel and her mentor Roxanne Daust

During the first year of the program, all student fellows are assigned a mentor. The mentors are community leaders who act as role models, advisers, teachers, and friends. Mentors and student fellows participate in a wide range of activities ranging from community meetings, activities, conferences and workshops, to hiking, biking, snowshoeing and getting coffee or a meal together. Student fellows and mentors have lots of fun while learning from and sharing ideas with each other. Over 500 members of the community have served as mentors — many have served more than once.

Become part of this rewarding aspect of the SLFP! 

When can I become a mentor? 

We accept mentors into the program annually from May to August. Mentorship pairs are revealed to the new SLFP block every September. 

What steps do I need to complete to become a mentor? 

  • Email that you are interested and we will send you the Mentor Profile Form to complete
  • Complete a mentor training (only new mentors need to complete this): During this training, you will receive more information about the program and our expectations of student fellows.
  • Write a mentee letter: If we find a mentee match, you will write a letter to your mentee introducing yourself in response to an introduction letter they prepared for you. Your student fellow will receive your letter during the mentor reveal at their fall retreat.