mentor and mentee on a fall hike

During the first year of the Student Leader Fellowship Program (SLFP), all student fellows are assigned a mentor. The mentors are community leaders who act as role models, advisers, teachers, and friends. Over 800 members of the community have served as mentors — many have served more than once.


Serving as a mentor for a student in the SLFP is your opportunity to: 

  • Share your experiences and leadership advice
  • Inspire future leaders
  • Contribute to the legacy of over 1,000 community leaders who have been mentors since the program's inception in 1991
  • Be re-energized, and gain new leadership insights


  • Fill out the Mentor Profile form (April - June)
  • Get matched with a student fellow for one academic year (June - July)
  • Attend a Mentor Orientation (July - August)
    • Go over the program, mentor component and expectations
    • Find out who your mentee is! 
    • Write a letter introducing yourself to your mentee
  • Your mentee will find out who you are during the annual SLFP Fall Retreat (September)
  • Attend a workshop (Mentorshop) with your mentee each semester (two overall)
  • Set up your own schedule of meetings and activities with your mentee
    • Meet around twice a month
    • Activities include going out for coffee, volunteering, attending a community/campus event, job shadowing, going for a hike, etc. 
  • Provide support, advice, community connections and opportunities for a future leader

General Mentor Program Timeline

This is a leadership/community mentoring experience. Although there may be some educational benefits that emerge if you are matched with someone interested in your career field, this is viewed as a bonus. What we hope that student fellows gain from the SLFP’s mentoring component is an understanding and appreciation of leadership at the community level.

Email if you are interested!