Volunteer Opportunities

NMU students are here to help. Whether you are with a community organization or someone who could use an extra hand, please contact the Volunteer Center. We will do our best to find you volunteers to help out. Send us a description of what you need help with, along with contact information, and we will include it on our Volunteer Opportunities that are listed on The Hub NMU. We accept one-time events and on-going needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Volunteer Center serves mainly as a hub of information.  We take information about volunteering opportunities and share it with students, faculty and staff on The Hub NMU. 

Volunteers will contact the person making the volunteer request directly if they are interested. The Volunteer Center coordinators will not organize a volunteering team for an event. We cannot guarantee a response from the student body for any particular request.

The Volunteer Center has a large volume of requests, so although we do include all of our requests, we attempt to keep it short.  For continuous opportunities, a new request is listed for two consecutive weeks.  For one-time events, the request is listed until the date of the event.  In general, the volunteer opportunity will not be added to the update until two to three weeks prior to the date of the event.  If you need to have volunteers arranged before the event, please indicate a volunteer registration deadline, and we will use this as the cut-off date.

Yes, we appreciate your feedback. When you find enough volunteers for your event, please let the coordinators know so they can remove the request from the update. 

Yes. If you do not receive a response from volunteers for your event, please let us know. We do have other avenues for finding volunteers for some events, and are willing to explore different courses when the need arises. 

Please contact the Volunteer Center at 1101 Northern Center; e-mail volctr@nmu.edu or phone 906-227-2466, and we'll find an answer.