Nunnally Student Volunteer Award - Ali Deutsch

Michael D. Nunnally Individual Student Volunteer of the Year Award

This annual award is designed to recognize an outstanding NMU student volunteer who has made an impact on the community through service. The winner is acknowledged by the university at the annual Leadership Recognition Banquet.  

To the world, Mike Nunnally was a member of the U.S. Olympic Education Center Boxing Team at NMU and one of the nation’s top-ranked amateur boxers. To his friends and community, he was a tireless volunteer who gave much of his time working with youth. So deep was his love for children that his life’s goal was not an Olympic medal – for which he was a contender – but to be an elementary teacher and role model for inner city kids in his hometown of Jackson, Tennessee. Tragically, Mike lost his life in 1996 while swimming in Lake Superior.

The Michael D. Nunnally NMU Student Volunteer Award was created by his friends to honor his life and commitment to community service. To nominate someone, please contact the Volunteer Center at or at (906) 227-2446.

2023-2024 Winner: Ali Deutsch has accumulated over 855 hours of service while maintaining a 4.00 grade point average! Some of Ali's community service projects include:

  • Completed over 125 hours of service through her Student Leader Fellowship Program community service internship with Campus Votes, where she played a pivotal role in educating her peers about the importance of voting
  • Held leadership positions in Feminism for All, ASNMU, and the Special Events Committee
  • Demonstrated her commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity on campus by being an active member of the President's Committee on Gender and Sexuality

Ali's achievements reflect her passion for making a difference and building a sense of belonging on our campus and in the community.

2023-24 Winner:  Ali Deutsch
2022-23 Winner:  Amber Essenmacher
2021-22 Winner:  Katie Cothran
2020-21 Winner:  Hannah Jaworski
2019-20 Winner:  Elizabeth Mansfield
2018-19 Winner:  Maija Mattson
2017-18 Winner:  Michaela McLeod
2016-17 Winner:  Matthew Trefilek
2015-16 Winner:  Benjamin H. Harris
2014-15 Winner:  Katy Meade
2013-14 Winner:  Sarah Hujar
2012-13 Winner:  Brendan Franklin
2011-12 Winner:  Rachael Williams
2010-11 Winner:  Courtney Brown
2009-10 Winner:  Kurt Brandly
2008-09 Winner:  Meghan Connell
2007-08 Winner:  Danielle Foulks
2006-07 Winner:  Jeron Schmidt
2005-06 Winner:  Mary Raymond
2004-05 Winner:  Nathan Lehman
2003-04 Winner:  Christopher Leemon
2002-03 Winner:  Eric Chase
2001-02 Winner:  Chris Mosier
2000-01 Winner:
1999-2000 Winner:
1998-99 Winner:
1997-98 Winner:
1996-97 Winner:  Bonnie Hafeman
1995-96 Winner:  Loren Snyder (Board of Control Student Achievement Student Volunteer of the Year)
1994-95 Winner:  Polly Luoma (Board of Control Student Achievement Student Volunteer of the Year)


Community Service Award - Northern Michigan Constructors

Community Service Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize a student organization that has demonstrated the highest degree of volunteer service contributions to Marquette and the surrounding Upper Peninsula communities during the academic year.  Factors such as quantity and quality of service are considered when placing the award in the hands of the most outstanding service organization. 

2022-2023 Winner: Northern Michigan Constructors

2023-24 Winner:  Northern Michigan Constructors
2022-23 Winner:  No Nominations
2021-22 Winner:  Conservation Crew
2020-21 Winner:  NMU Food Pantry
2019-20 Winner:  Northern Michigan Constructors
2018-19 Winner:  Food Recovery Network
2017-18 Winner:  Beta Alpha Psi
2016-17 Winner:  Northern Michigan Constructors
2015-16 Winner:  Marquette Ending Hunger
2014-15 Winner:  EEGS Garden Club
2013-14 Winner:  Pre-Veterinary Club
2012-13 Winner:  Northern Michigan Constructors
2011-12 Winner:  MU Beta Psi
2010-11 Winner:  Public Relations Student Society of America
2009-10 Winner:  Northern Michigan Constructors
2008-09 Winner:  Power Sports Club
2007-08 Winner:  Relay for Life
2006-07 Winner:  Student Social Work Organization
2005-06 Winner:  Northern Michigan Constructors
2004-05 Winner:  Lambda Chi Alpha
2003-04 Winner:  Tau Kappa Epsilon
2002-03 Winner:  Lambda Chi Alpha
2001-02 Winner:  Circle K
2000-01 Winner:  Copper Country Pride
1999-2000 Winner:  Alpha Phi Omega
1998-99 Winner:  Copper Country Pride
1997-98 Winner:  Lions Club
1996-97 Winner:  Above & Beyond House
1995-96 Winner:  Student Habitat for Humanity
1994-95 Winner:  Student Social Work/Sociology Organization
1993-94 Winner:  Phi Sigma Sigma