During the second year in the program, student fellows put their leadership skills into action through community service internships.  These internships provide the students with extensive opportunities to practice their leadership in the community. Student fellows design their own internships, choosing from existing sites or a limitless variety of new possibilities. Through the community service internships, approximately 4,500 hours of community service are provided annually.


Olivia Dunn

Outstanding Community Service Internship

Olivia Dunn, Yoopers United & United Way

Olivia worked with Yoopers United and United Way, a platform connecting the Marquette County community to the non-profit agencies in the area. She sent out newsletters to members highlighting opportunities, hosted Skill Builder! Workshops and helped start an NMU United Way Club, which exposed students to what Yoopers United is. She was a volunteer coordinator for the Yoopers United Red Wings Hockey Game. Olivia continues her involvement by putting on a business social in the Marquette community and finishing a SWOT analysis of the organization.