All Campus Tutoring

NMU's All-Campus Tutoring is a comprehensive program that provides free tutoring services for many academic programs on campus. The program has 2 locations. The Student Success Center is located in the residence halls; room 104 Maple West. The LRC center is located in the LRC room111H. This room is next to the English Writing center and Fieras cafe.  Students can participate in group tutoring sessions, schedule appointments for one-on-one tutoring, and receive supplemental instruction in academic skill building practices. 

Jacobetti Complex Tutoring

Jacobetti Complex Tutoring provides free tutoring services for students enrolled in courses offered by the Engineering Technology and Technology and Occupational Sciences programs. The tutoring center is located in room 103 of the Jacobetti Complex, where students can schedule appointments for one-on-one assistance with coursework, as well as receive guidance on hands-on learning experiences. 

Speciality Tutoring Labs

Specialty tutoring labs, including the Math Lab, Computer Science Lab, Writing Center, and Language Lab, offer one-on-one tutoring and group support. The Math and Computer Science Lab is located at 2100 Jamrich, the Writing Center is located at 111G Harden Hall, and the Language Resource Tutoring Lab is located at 111 i in the Harden Hall, lower level. 

Contact Information

All-Campus Tutoring | 906-227-2618

Jacobetti Complex Tutoring | 906-227-2971