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We are proud of our excellent tutoring staff. Our primary goal is to provide you with quality academic support to help you be successful in your college career.

Our tutors are NMU undergraduate or graduate students who have achieved academic success overall - with at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA - and at least a B+ in courses they tutor. Many tutors leading study groups have recently completed the course and were recommended as tutors by the course instructor.

All Campus Tutoring (ACT) trains employees according to College Reading and Learning Association guidelines. In addition, ACT tutors are required to participate in regular staff meetings, and undergo performance evaluations each semester.

Interested in becoming an ACT tutor? Applications are available at NMU's Career Services.

Introducing our Fall 2022 Tutors and Staff

Summer Argall Media/tutor

Summer Argall


Hey guys! I am Summer I currently work at the front desk of the tutoring center. I am majoring in HR business Management. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends going on coffee dates and hiking. Please don't hesitate to come ask me or even just come and chat with me!


Emily Barnhart

BI 207, 208, CH 109: Online only

Hello my name is Emily. I am a junior at NMU and am studying nursing. I love adventuring in nature and playing around outside. Some of my hobbies are snowboarding, surfing, hiking, and biking. If you need some help, I'm happy to tutor you!


Kayla Bittenbinder

MA 111,115, 161

Hi everyone, I'm Kayla and I spend a lot of time surrounded by textbooks in my living room, but when I can, I’m always exploring Marquette or reading at The Crib. I’ve been with ACT for two years now, so I am always happy to answer questions- Math related or otherwise


Dylan Bilicki

Psy 100, Psy 250 & Study groups

Hey, I'm Dylan, and I am a Neuroscience major and currently getting ready to commission into the United States Army. After graduating from medical school. I'm also interested in snowboarding and hiking. I'm currently tutoring PSY250 which is Brain and Behavior.

Joey Bogaudo

CH 315, 325. (LRC)

Hello. I am Joey Bogaudo and I am a tutor for organic chemistry. I am a biology major with a chemistry minor and am looking to go to medical school. I am born and raised in the UP and love ice skating. Looking forward to seeing you all!


Jordon Brown

CH 111, CH 112

Hello Everyone! My name is Jordon Brown, and I am a Biology Major with an Ecology Concentration here at NMU. I tutor CH 111 and CH 112. I'm originally from the Grand Rapids area, but I fell in love with the U.P, and in my free time I enjoy exploring Marquette and spending time outdoors no matter the season. 


Rachel Ceaglske

CH 105, CH 111, CH 112 (LRC)

Hey guys I'm Rachel Ceaglske. My majors are Chemistry and Math. I am tutoring any 100 level, chemistry classes. I am from Green Bay, WI. I love to get outside. My favorite things to do are ski, hike, swim, and climb I also enjoy helping and working on chemistry problems with students!


Jenna Comperchio

BI 215, 218, 312, BI 111

My name is Jenna, I'm a senior studying biology with a concentration in physiology. I am a tutor for BI classes I am from Jackson, MI. The upper peninsula is my favorite place so it only made sense to go to NMU! Definitely come in and say hi!

Carli Tutor

Carli Crofts

BI 203, CH 109

Hello Everyone I'm Carli, My major is Nursing; I am tutoring BI 203 and CH 109. I am easygoing but good with organizational skills and time management and willing to help anyone! Please stop in if you need any help!

Olivia tutor

Olivia Gardner

CH 315, 325

Hi Everyone I'm Olivia I am currently a Senior and have been tutoring for 3 years, different subjects like CH111,112,315,325. Please don't hesitate to stop in and get assistance.


Jacqueline Geyer

BI 104, 207, 208 (Anatomy labs)

My name is Jacquie Geyer, I am in nursing school and I am tutoring BI 104, 207, and 208. I am a sophomore. When I am not studying or doing homework I love spending time with my friends and watching my favorite shows. I am excited to help my fellow students understand and do well!


Hunter Green

ACT 230, ACT 240, CIS 222, ACT 301, 302

Hi Everyone, I enjoy disc golf, hiking, and reading. I come from Newaygo, MI (west side of the state) and am currently a senior, but will be pursuing my Master's degree following graduation.


Sarah Kunitser

CH 111, CH 112

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am a biology major with a concentration in botany. I am a junior here with a passion for plants. I tutor CH111 and CH112. I look forward to working with anyone who needs assistance!


Breanna Ladiski

CH 220, CH 111, 112

Hello Everyone! My name is Breanna Ladiski I major in Clinical Laboratory Science with a concentration in Laboratory Medicine, I tutor CH220 Intro to Organic Chem, as well as CH111/112. I am in my fourth year here at NMU and this is my second-semester tutoring.

Victoria tutor

Victoria Mabbitt

NU (Nursing), AH 102, AH 201, 202

Hey everyone I am Victoria. My current major is nursing I tutor in Nursing prereq classes. A little about me I currently work at HFHS in the SICU and was offered a position there as an RN after graduation; so please do not hesitate and come see me if you need any help.


Rebecca Miller

Desk & ACT 230, 240

Hi everyone, My name is Rebecca I am an accounting 4+1 major, and I am a tutor for ACT. I am a junior and I am from Clinton Township, MI. When I am not working or studying, I enjoy hanging out with friends or doing anything outdoors

Jacob tutor

Jacob Morrison

CH 105, CH 111, CH 112

Hi Everyone my name is Jacob, I am a junior majoring in biochemistry. I tutor Chemistry. I also work at the hospital as a lab and medical assistant and have been involved with a lot of the stem programs. I like to play basketball in my free time.


Brenna Musser

EC 140, 101, EC 201, 202

Hello everyone my name is Brenna I tutor Economics and currently I am the captain and player on the NMU Women's soccer team. I love outdoor activities like snowboarding, skiing, and pond hockey. Junior at NMU


Jessica Pershinske

NU (Nursing), AH 102

Hi Everyone I'm Jess. My current major is nursing and I am a tutor for all of the nursing program classes, as well as human growth and development. In my free time, I love to surf the Great Lakes and rock climb.


Mackenzie Pierson

CH 315, 325

Hello Everyone! My name is Mackenzie. I tutor Organic Chemistry. I love to read, especially high fantasy and sci-fi, and my favorite author is Micheal J. Sullivan. but I'm usually pretty busy either writing lab reports or doing pre-labs!

Samantha tutor

Samantha Roubal

ACT 230, 240, ACT 301, 302

Hi Everyone I am Samantha and I am a senior accounting major. I tutor ACT. On-campus I am involved in Beta Alpha Psi. Some of my favorite things include working out, fishing, spending time on the river in my hometown, walking my beagle.

Morgan Tutor

Morgan Rogers

BI 111

Hello! My name is Morgan Rogers, I am a clinical lab major and am tutoring Bio111! I love science and enjoy helping others learn to love them too. I also love the outdoors and what Marquette has to offer.


Daniel Shovels

CH 105, 111, 112

Hey everyone! My name is Daniel and I'm from Clinton, MI, a small town located downstate near Ann Arbor. I'm a sophomore. In my free time, I enjoy watching reality TV and taking care of my houseplants. I also love to explore Marquette by hiking, running, golfing, and playing basketball.


Kristin Snyder


Hello Everyone I am Kristin, I am a desk worker at the tutoring center. I love exploring and going out into nature. I am a pretty social person I enjoy watching one of my favorite shows currently Criminal Minds, please don't hesitate to come ask me for help!

Zachary Somogyi

EC 101, EC 201, 202

Hello, I'm Zach, I'm from eastern Pennsylvania and I'm an Economics major. I tutor EC 101, 201, and 202. Don't hesitate to come ask for assistance. 


Aleya Speas

CH 111, 112

Hey Everyone! Here's some information about me! My name is Aleya and I'm on the premed track. I tutor CH111 and CH112. I'm on the women's lacrosse team, but when I'm not playing lacrosse or doing school I love to draw and paint!


Caitlyn Trombley

CH 109

Hi Everyone I am Caitlyn, I tutor CH109. I am from downstate, I'm currently a sophomore in the nursing program. I am on the women's soccer team here at NMU. Please don't hesitate to use the tutoring center I am more than happy to help.


Amber Wager

CH 111

Hello, I'm Amber and my current major is Forensic Biochemistry. I tutor CH111 but have been helping a bit with CH112 which I am currently taking. I love to go hiking and explore with my friends. I also love to read and embroider!


Jordyn Wilker

CH 105, CH 111, 112

Okay! Hey, I'm Jordyn, I am currently majoring in biochemistry and I tutor for CH111 and CH112. I’m from Stoughton, WI and I am a sophomore this year. I am also minoring in Spanish as well as being premed!


Tori Zegers


Hi Everyone! I'm Tori I am a desk worker at the tutoring center. My major is Criminal Justice. I love to write papers and I’m very interested in learning about the human brain and behaviors. Don't hesitate to ask questions!