Below is a list of tutors who are available for appointments. To schedule an appointment with a tutor, click the link to the tutor's calendar and find a time that works best for you. 


Tutor            Subject(s)Schedule an AppointmentNotes
Brenna Filbey

ACT230, 240, 

ACT 301, 302

Brenna's Calendarcan request a zoom meeting
Carly CodyPSY 100, PSY 201Carly's Calendar 
Lani MoleskiGC 100, GC 164Lani's Calendar 
Isaac Golden

MA 100, 111, 115, 


Isaac's Calendar 
Rhyan MurthaBI 112, CH 111Rhyan's Calendar 
Amber Wager


 CH112, CH241,242


Amber's Calendar 
Ryan CarmodyEC 140, IA 101, IA 130Ryan's Calendar 
Ryley WilcoxSO208 Ryley's Calendar 
Libby MyrenPS 206Libby's Calendar 
Anna OlesEC 201, EC 202, CIS222Anna's Calendar 
Hyde WhitneyStudy Skills assistanceHyde's Calendar 
Ella PriceStudy Skills assistanceElla's Calendar