All Campus Tutoring Welcome back to winter semester, 2023! We are happy to offer assistance in many classes consistently requested for tutoring.  We have 2 walk-in center locations. The Woods center is at 104 Maple West, residence halls. Our second location is in the Olson Library (LRC) on the lower level. The LRC center is in 111 H, which is next to the English writing center and near Fiera's grill. 


Subject               Sunday                 Monday                  Tuesday                 Wednesday          Thursday                         
WOODS: Student 
Success Center
AH 102   5pm-9pm          
BI 100, 111, 112     4pm-9pm   5pm-8pm    
BI 203         7pm-10pm    
BI 207   5pm-9pm          
BI 207, 208       6pm-10pm 5pm-8pm    
BI 218     6pm-9pm        
CH 105     4pm-8pm 5pm-8pm 6pm-10pm    
CH 109   5pm-10pm 4pm-7pm        
CH 111, 112 6pm-10pm 7pm-10pm 4pm-10pm 4pm-10pm 5pm-10pm    
CH 220   4pm-8pm 4pm-8pm 5pm-10pm 4pm-10pm    
CH 241, 242   6pm-10pm   7pm-10pm      
DATA 109   5pm-9pm 6pm-10pm        
GC 100, 164       4pm-5:45pm 5pm-9pm    
PH 201     6pm-10pm   7pm-10pm    
PSY 100, PSY201   4pm-7pm   5pm-9pm      
NMU Library
Subject Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday   Friday
AH 102       6pm-10pm      
ACT 230, 240     5pm-10pm 5pm-10pm      
BI 203   7pm-10pm   6pm-10pm      
CH 109       6pm-10pm      
CH 111, 112     12pm-3pm        
CH 315, 325   7pm-10pm 5pm-8pm   6pm-10pm    
EC 140       6pm-10pm 5pm-10pm    
NU 221, 231     5pm-9pm 6pm-10pm      
NU 301   7pm-10pm 6pm-9pm       2pm-5pm
NU 321     5pm-9pm 5pm-9pm 5pm-9pm    
NU 331     6pm-9pm 5pm-9pm     2pm-5pm
NU 341     6pm-9pm   5pm-9pm   2pm-5pm

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Updated: 2/2/2023