Our first cohort was selected in April 2023. Applications for the 2024 group will open on Tuesday, January 16, 2024. Please email Freshmanfellows@nmu.edu with any questions.

Addison Bailey
Mentor: Forrest Toegel, Psychological Science
Project title: "Evaluating Laboratory Arrangements to Study Impulsivity and Self-Control in Choice Models with Rats"

Alex Hopper
Mentor: Matt Jennings, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Project title: "Characterization of two-dimensional and three-dimensional levetiracetam-enhanced temozolomide-treated cells"

Anne Carrier
Mentor: Josh Sharp, Biology
Project title: "RSV ddPCR wastewater epidemiology"

Elizabeth Williams
Mentor: Weronika Kusek, Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences
Project title: "Reimagining Streets as Spaces for Wealth Creation"

James Asava
Mentor: Christine Lenzen, Art and Design
Project title: "The Exploration of Race."

Jill Cline
Mentor: Maris Cinelli, Chemistry
Project title: "Discovery of Beta-Carboline Alkaloids in Nightshades"

Mark Fuller
Mentor: LaMart Hightower, Social Work
Project title: "SUD Recovery Aftercare: Is enough being done?"

Mira Goemaere
Mentor: Alec Lindsay, Biology
Project title: "Genetic Identification of Avian Blood Parasites of White-Throated Sparrows"

Taylor Bartley
Mentor: Cory Toegel, Psychological Science
Project title: "Evaluating the Role of Signals on Pausing and Preference under Ratio Schedules"

Wren Konickson
Mentor: Evan Pratt, Chemistry
Project title: "Illuminating the Behavior and Localization of Cellular Mg2+ in Human Cells Using Fluorescent Biosensor"