Change or Declare a Major

NMU students can also change or declare their majors or minors online by completing a short electronic form. It's strongly recommended that students meet with an adviser beforehand.

Who Is My Adviser?

To find out the name of your adviser, follow these steps:

  • Go into MyNMU – enter ID and password
  • Click on Student Services tab
  • Click on Student Record - general information
  • Select the appropriate term and submit
  • Under General Student Record you’ll see your primary adviser

Courses of Study

To see what programs we have here at NMU, check out courses of study, where you can view all 170+ programs for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Jose' with student

Northern Michigan University is committed to the academic and professional development of its students. While a student’s academic program is ultimately his or her own responsibility, the university, through the academic advising process, provides the student with information about career options, educational programs, courses, resources, policies and procedures.

Skill Development

The Academic and Career Advisement Center equips students with the tools they need to reach their goals. We understand that being a college student can be stressful and even overwhelming at times. That is why we have created resources to assist you with developing positive study habits, test-taking skills and a good sense of time management.


All Campus Tutoring offers free academic support for NMU students. There are study groups and walk-in tutoring for a variety of 100- and 200- level courses.

Contact Information

3302.1 C. B. Hedgcock