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Meet Allie Bowles, a 2007 Alumnus from Chicago, IL. Allie currently resides in Chicago, IL, and currently works in the Admissions and Marketing office at Morgan Park Academy.

I do recruitment and marketing for a private, independent PreK-12 school in Chicago. I handle social media platforms, advertisements, direct mailings, merchandising, tours and events, and more!

I've used so much! The personal selling/customer service side of hospitality management has helped me in all of my roles. International marketing has helped with my travel and recruitment efforts in China, and cost control really helped me during my accounting courses for my MBA, which is in Marketing. A lot of my time at NMU was with the Center for Student Enrichment and SLFP (attached is a photo at my Fuschia block graduation). I still love baking cooking and offer a kid's baking class at the school where I work. I am also close with many NMU grads still and we help each other in all sorts of ways.

Meet and network with as many people as you can and don't be afraid to apply for jobs that you think you may not necessarily qualify for! Firms hire people, not robots, and your personality and how it fits in company culture is just as important as skills.

I'm active on the NMU alumni board as a chairperson for the alumni initiatives committee. I'm currently enrolled in an MBA program and graduate in May 2022. I work closely with SmileTrain charity and am a registered YT200 yoga teacher. I love baking, cooking, hiking, and spending time with my 3 sons: Mylo, Conrad, and Jedediah.