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Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Required Courses in Major* 42

Core Courses 6
AD 110 Ideas in Art and Design History 4
AD 303 Individual Art Review 2
Foundation Courses** 16-20
AD 101 Process and Design 4
2D Studio selected from AD 117, AD 119, or AD 120 4
3D Studio selected from AD 111, AD 116, AD 122, AD 123, or AD 124 4
Digital Studio selected from AD 112, AD 118, or AD 134 4
AD 270 Concepts and Culture [INTT] 4
Art History Elective*** 4
Choose one course from the following: 4
     AD 200 Native American Art and Architecture (4 cr.)
     AD 230 History of World Art: Ancient to Medieval (4 cr.)
     AD 240 History of World Art: Renaissance to Modern (4 cr.)
     AD 260 Why America Looks This Way (4 cr.) [HUME]
     AD 265 Art and Architecture of Japan (4 cr.)
     AD 280 History of Photography (4 cr.)
     AD 281 History and Culture of Animation (4 cr.)
     AD 285 History of Graphic Expression (4 cr.)
     AD 300 Art and Ideas in Asian Civilizations (4 cr.)
     AD 345 Modernity in Art: The Nineteenth Century (4 cr.)
     AD 355 Twentieth Century Art and Architecture (4 cr.) [HUME]
     AD 365 History of Modern Craft and Design (4 cr.)
     AD 376 Art, Gender, Psyche (4 cr.)
Art and Design Concentration**** 16
Students must select a concentration from Ceramics, Computer Art, Digital Cinema, Drawing/Painting, Graphic Design, Human Centered Design, Illustration, Metalsmithing/Sculpture, Photography, or Woodworking/Furniture Design.

* Students must take a world language through the intermediate 202 level in order to graduate with a bachelor of arts designation.

** The 100 Level course in a concentration will also count for the appropriate Foundations requirement in 2D Studio, 3D Studio, or Digital Studio.

*** Students may substitute GR/HS 311X for an art history elective with advisor approval.

**** AD 181 may not be used for Art and Design electives or art history credit.