New students will not be accepted into the program at this time. Contact department for more information.

This program prepares students to be aviation maintenance technologists. All training takes place in state-of-the-art facilities and is designed to meet airline industry standards. Students work in the following five lab areas: power plant, airframe, nondestructive testing, composite and sheet metal. Students do engine runups, repair and restoration of the operational status of the aircraft. Students typically take between 16 and 20 credits for five semesters, receiving their degree after 2 1/2 years of study. Ninety-five percent of graduates from this program are employed in the aviation industry.

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Total Credits Required 87
General Education 15
Effective Communication Elective* 4
General Education Electives 11
Choose 11 credit hours from the following categories:
    Effective Communication Elective (4-8 cr.)
    Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis Elective (4 cr.)
    Social Responsibility in a Diverse World Elective (4 cr.)
    Integrative Thinking Elective (4 cr.)
    Human Expression Elective (4 cr.)
    Perspectives on Society Elective (4 cr.)
    Scientific Inquiry Elective (4-8 cr.)

Technical Concentration 72
AMT 101 Introduction to Aviation Maintenance 6
AMT 102 Aircraft Basic Science 6
AMT 103 Aviation Shop Practices 6
AMT 104 Aircraft Electrical Systems 6
AMT 200 Aircraft sheet Metal/Non-Metallic Structures 6
AMT 201 Reciprocating Engines and Propellers 6
AMT 202 Aircraft Flight Control Systems 6
AMT 203 Reciprocating Engine Overhaul 6
AMT 204 Turbine Engines and Systems 6
AMT 205 Aircraft Fluid Power and Landing Gear 6
AMT 206 Cabin Atmosphere and Information Systems 6
AMT 207 Turbine Engine Maintenance and Inspection 6

*EN 111 and EN 211 are encouraged, if continuing on for a baccalaureate degree.