This major and concentration provides an opportunity for a diversified background in botany applicable to a wide range of introductory positions in business and industry, universities and government at the local, state and federal levels. It also provides preparation for graduate work in botany or related sciences.

A minimum 2.0 grade point average is required for graduation in this major, based on all courses within the major. Exceptions must be requested via petition to the department’s academic programs committee.

For department information or additional degree requirements, go to the Biology department page.

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Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Biology Core 24
Other Required Courses 19-20
See Biology Major for complete list of required courses.

Botany Concentration 23-24
Core Courses for Botany Concentration 16
BI 230 Plant Kingdom 4
BI 431 Plant Physiology 4
BI 433 Boreal Flora or * 3 - 4
     BI 434 Plant Ecology (4 cr.)  
GC 202 Soils 4
Electives for Botany Concentration 8
Choose from the following:
     BI 234 Field Mycology (4 cr.)  
     BI 288 Research in Biology ** (1 - 4 cr.)  
     BI 402 Microbial Ecology (4 cr.)  
     BI 433 Boreal Flora * (3 - 4 cr.) or  
         BI 434 Plant Ecology (4 cr.)  
     BI 488 Advanced Research in Biology ** (1 - 4 cr.)  

*Choose the other course than the one taken in the Core Botany Concentration list above.

**Topic must be related to plants, fungi, algae or plant-microbe interactions.

This major does not require a minor.