(Major for either Histotechnologist and Cytotechnologist Certification.)

Students in this concentration will earn a bachelor of science degree and HTL or CT certification. Graduates work closely with pathologists in anatomic pathology departments of hospitals or clinics.

Cytotechnologists (not to be confused with cytogeneticists) prepare cellular samples (such as those from PAP smears and biopsies) for study under the microscope and assist in the diagnosis of disease by the examination of these samples. Histotechnologists prepare body tissue for examination by a pathologist to diagnose body dysfunction and malignancy and identify tissue structures, cell component and staining characteristics, relate these to physiologic functions, implement and evaluate new techniques and procedures, make quality control judgments and apply principles of management and education methodology when appropriate.

The first three years of the curriculum are at the university; the fourth year is completed through an accredited cytotechnology or histotechnology practicum off campus. The university is affiliated with hospitals in Wisconsin and Michigan; however, students may apply to any accredited school in the United States. If students meet the hospital’s standards and are accepted, they register for the cytotechnology or histotechnology practicum courses at NMU and pursue a twelve-month full time program under the direction of the hospital.

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Total Credits Required 128
General Education
Courses Required for Concentration 62-64
Concentration Core Courses 36-38
CLS 436 Medical Genetics 4
Choose Histotechnology Practicum or Cytotechnology Practicum  
    Histotechnology Practicum 32
         CLS 250H Clinical Practice 2
         CLS 380 Histotechnique I 7
         CLS 381 Histotechnique II 7
         CLS 382 Histotechnique III 3
         CLS 383 Histochemistry and Pathology 8
         CLS 384 Advanced Histology 5
    Cytotechnology Practicum 34
         CLS 250C Clinical Practice 2
         CLS 480 Cytology Orientation 1
         CLS 481 Tissue Cytology I 8
         CLS 482 Tissue Cytology II 8
         CLS 483 Tissue Cytology III 8
         CLS 484 Applied Clinical Practicum 5
         CLS 485 Advanced Cytology Techniques 2
Other Required Courses in Concentration 27
BI 208 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 4
BI 218 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology [SCII] 4
BI 405 Immunology 4
BI 426 Human Histology 4
CH 220 Introduction to Organic Chemistry ** 5
CH 450 Biochemistry I or 4
     BI 406 Advanced Cell Biology (4 cr.)
HL 101 Medical Terminology for Health Educators 2

*See Clinical Laboratory Science Major for a complete list of required courses.

**Prerequisites are CH 111 and CH 112.