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AIS 101 Introduction to Information Resources 1 cr.  (1-0-0)
  • Offered: Fall

The foundation of research at a university is students understanding the resources available at its library and patiently diagnosing information found via the internet. This class prepares students for that with a practical introduction to locating, understanding, and using the materials available through the library (the catalog, electronic databases and indexes, organizing citations) and what you will be finding on the internet. Open to all students; recommended for first-year or returning students.

AIS 373 Issues in Scholarly Communications and Information Literacy 3 cr.
  • Offered: Fall Winter
  • Prerequisites: EN 211.

This course will examine the various issues in information creation and access across the world, including (but not limited to) censorship, technology, economics, scholarly communication, ownership of information, and the ethics of information use. Students will practice information access and evaluation skills by conducting research on these topics.