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ES 110 Introduction to Sports Science 2 cr.  (2-0-0)
  • Offered: Fall Winter

An introduction to the fields of athletic training and sports science including professional organizations, career alternatives, as well as review the basic knowledge, skills and abilities as they apply to these disciplines.

Notes: Cross-listed with ATR 110.
ES 315 Physiology of Exercise 4 cr.  (3-0-2)
  • Offered: Fall Winter
  • Prerequisites: BI 104 or BI 207 and BI 208.

A basic course in exercise physiology designed to provide an understanding of the effect of exercise and human motion on the body and the adaptation of the body to physiological stress.

ES 317 Anatomical Kinesiology 3 cr.  (2-0-2)
  • Offered: Fall Winter
  • Prerequisites: BI 104 or BI 207.

Human motion from both an anatomical and a mechanical perspective will be addressed. Specific attention is placed on the musculoskeletal system and the description of human movement. Focus on the student’s mastery of motion analysis necessary for medical, fitness, and educational professionals involved in providing instruction and information to the physically active.

ES 417 Biomechanics 3 cr.  (2-0-2)
  • Offered: Fall Winter
  • Prerequisites: ES 317 and PH 201 or instructor permission.

Provides students with a background in physics and anatomical principles the opportunity to further develop theories in movement analysis of exercise patterns, sports activity and everyday life. In addition, students will be introduced to the research process via the collection, analysis and interpretation of biomechanical data related to these topics.

ES 421 Physiology of Training for Sport 3 cr.
  • Offered: Fall Winter
  • Prerequisites: ES 315.

An in-depth review of the physiological basis of training to optimize performance in sport and physical activity with practical guidelines for developing and modifying specific training programs for athletes and performers in a variety of sports and activities.

ES 422 Sport Biomechanics 3 cr.
  • Offered: Fall Winter
  • Prerequisites: ES 417.

Provides students with the opportunity to become independent researchers by developing technical knowledge of biomechanical measurement techniques and research methods. These measurement techniques and related research areas will be explored across a range of human movement environment including sport, occupational health and medical related applications.

ES 450 Principles of Manual Therapies 3 cr.  (2-0-2)
  • Offered: Winter
  • Prerequisites: BI 104, ES 317 or instructor approval.

The students use the principles of manual therapies to deepen their anatomical and biomechanical understanding of the human body. They will learn how to use this knowledge to assist their patients through manual therapy.

Notes: Cross-listed as ATR 450.
ES 470 Psychological Aspects of Athletic Performance 3 cr.
  • Offered: Winter
  • Prerequisites: PSY 100 or PSY 101, junior standing or instructor permission.

Study of the psychological applications in the field of sports and coaching. Topics include behavioral coaching of motor skills, competition anxiety analysis and management, mental rehearsal techniques and aggression control. A systematic approach to evidence based practice for answering a clinical problem will be utilized. Special attention will be given to a cross cultural population. 

Notes: Cross-listed as PSY 470.
ES 475 Theory of Strength Training and Conditioning Techniques 3 cr.  (3-0-0)
  • Offered: Fall Winter
  • Prerequisites: ES 315, ES 317 and senior standing.

Provides both the theoretical and practical knowledge to effectively design, organize and conduct strength fitness programs. The study of current principles and procedures essential to strength training and conditioning practices will be covered. Emphasis is placed on the development and practical applications of aerobic conditioning, joint flexibility, muscular strength, power and endurance programs.

ES 476 Exercise and Fitness for Special Populations 3 cr.  (3-0-0)
  • Offered: Fall
  • Prerequisites: ES 315, senior standing or instructor permission.

An opportunity to utilize theories and skills needed to analyze the exercise response of special populations and to design exercise programs for individuals who have physical conditions that may require modifications to exercise.

Notes: Cross-listed as HL 476.