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GRN 001 Internship Completion 0 cr.
  • Offered: On demand
  • Graded: S/U
  • Prerequisites: Completion of 4 credits of GRN 490 or GRN 490 plus additional field placement credits to equal 4 credits.
Indicates that the student has completed the internship requirement for the gerontology minor.
GRN 101 Introduction to Gerontology 4 cr.
  • Offered: Winter
Course provides an overview of the physical, psychological and social aspects of aging. It examines the aging process as experienced by the individual and how aging impacts society. Topics include normal and abnormal aging and the impact that class, race, ethnicity and gender exert on the life course.
GRN 490 Gerontology Field Placement 1-4 cr.
  • Offered: On demand
  • Prerequisites: Gerontology minor, completion of gerontology minor core.
Provides students in the gerontology minor with the opportunity to interface with older adults in a social or health care setting. Course also provides a learning experience for students. In cooperation with the professional community serving older adults, students get hands-on experience designed to benefit students in their career objectives. Notes: Students who are required to take a field placement for their major would have to enroll for at least one GRN 490 credit and make the additional three credit hours up with an approved gerontology minor course substitution.