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HN 210 Nutrition for Humans 4 cr.
  • Offered: Fall Winter Summer
Survey of dietary requirements and processes, sources of the various nutrients, the relationships of food to health, the role of diet in prevention of diseases and methods of improving eating habits at different age levels and in different cultures.
HN 310 Nutrition for Fitness and Sports 2 cr.
  • Offered: Fall
  • Prerequisites: HN 210 or HN 301A or AH 201 or instructor permission.

Designed to help students understand the role of effective and safe nutrition in fitness and sport performance and to help students incorporate scientifically-based nutrition ideas in fitness and sport programs. 

HN 362 Cultural Food Patterns 4 cr.
  • Offered: On demand
  • Prerequisites: EN 211 with a grade of "C" or better and sophomore standing.

Consideration of economic, environmental, historical and psychological aspects of food habits; influence of national and international dietary patterns on nutrition of individuals.

HN 415 Obesity and Weight Management 4 cr.
  • Offered: On demand
  • Prerequisites: HN 210 or HN 301A or AH 201 and BI 104 or BI 207, junior standing or instructor permission

Study of current theories surrounding the causes and control of obesity. Students will apply their understanding of the fundamentals of human nutrition and exercise to construct programs containing sound principles of weight management and total fitness.

HN 451 Advanced Nutrition 4 cr.
  • Offered: On demand
  • Prerequisites: Students are encouraged to select a total of eight credits from the following: CH 109, CH 111, CH 112, BI 104, HN 210, junior standing or instructor’s permission.

Study of human nutrition based on fundamental knowledge of biochemistry and physiology. Lectures and reports of current research.