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HV 170 Applied Electricity for Trades 4 cr.  (2-0-4)
  • Offered: Fall

This course covers the basic concepts of electrical circuits as applied to heating, ventilation, refrigeration, air conditioning, industrial maintenance and related trades. Circuit fundamentals, components, wiring diagrams and symbols, motors, motor control devices and power supplies are covered.

HV 171 Basic Heating 4 cr.  (2-0-4)
  • Offered: Fall
  • Prerequisites: HV 170 or concurrent enrollment.
An introduction to the principles and components used in heating systems. Pipe and tube fitting, theory of heat flow, sources of energy, combustion, electrical controllers, humidification, air filtering, venting and code requirements.
HV 172 Basic Refrigeration 4 cr.  (2-0-4)
  • Offered: Fall

An introduction to basic refrigeration and cooling systems, the theory of refrigeration, basic service methods and operation of mechanical refrigeration systems. Provides a fundamental understanding of mechanical refrigeration through study of major components and their detailed operation, piping connections and fabrication, refrigerant characteristics and refrigerant management.

HV 173 Heating Systems I 4 cr.  (2-0-4)
  • Offered: Winter
  • Prerequisites: HV 170 and HV 171.

Gas heating systems, gas piping design and installation, mid- and high-efficiency gas heating equipment, basic and advanced gas heating controls, integrated microprocessor controls, venting, installation, troubleshooting, service and code requirements.

HV 174 ACR System Principles and Methods 4 cr.  (2-0-4)
  • Offered: Winter
  • Prerequisites: HV 170 and HV 172.

This course is designed for continued study of mechanical refrigeration and cooling. Students will use knowledge obtained in previous courses to learn how components operate as a system. Residential and light commercial ACR equipment will be studied with emphasis placed on air conditioning systems, electrical faults and troubleshooting and refrigerant management laws. This course will prepare students for the EPA Section 608 certification examinations.

HV 260 Principles of Air Delivery Systems 3 cr.  (1-0-4)
  • Offered: Fall
  • Prerequisites: HV 171 and HV 172 or concurrent enrollment.

This is a course designed to familiarize the student with air flow as applied to forced air comfort systems and the apparatus used to deliver it. Students will layout and fabricate sheet metal ducts, study air flow principles and measurements, and test and balance air distribution systems. They will also learn about various duct configurations and how duct work is applied to an indoor air quality system.

HV 270 Advanced Hydronics 4 cr.  (2-0-4)
  • Offered: Fall
  • Prerequisites: HV 170, HV 171 and HV 173 or instructor permission.

This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of hydronic heating and cooling systems and the use of water as a heat transfer medium. Other topics covered include: pump sizing, domestic hot water, control applications, and piping.

HV 271 Advanced Commercial Refrigeration 5 cr.  (2-1-4)
  • Offered: Fall
  • Prerequisites: HV 170, HV 172 and HV 174.

This course is designed to continue in advanced study of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems and their application. Topics will include all areas of the system, including advanced electrical wiring and control strategies, advanced troubleshooting, and installation and repair of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Pressure regulating controls, complex piping components and special refrigeration applications are emphasized.

HV 273 Comfort Systems Designs 4 cr.
  • Offered: Winter
  • Prerequisites: HV 171 and HV 172.

Designed to teach the fundamentals of residential heating and cooling load calculations and basic residential duct design. The course uses the industry standard Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual J and Manual D design methods.

HV 275 HVACR Fieldwork, Contracting and Business Operations 4 cr.  (0-0-6)
  • Offered: Winter
  • Prerequisites: HV 260, HV 270 and HV 271.

An advanced laboratory based course in service and installation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Emphasis is placed on completion of specialized laboratory projects involving application, installation, and service engineering of HVAC/R equipment and technical reports of such work. The course creates a professional atmosphere in order to help the student make the transition from educational to professional practice and orient them to the business and industrial environment in which this discipline operates.

HV 291 HVACR Internship 1-4 cr.
  • Offered: Fall Winter
  • Prerequisites: Instructor's permission.
Internship work as an HVACR technician under the supervision of a professional HVACR technician.
HV 298 Directed Study and Research 1-4 cr.
  • Offered: On demand
  • Prerequisites: Department permission.
Selection of problem in area of emphasis, specialized instruction and experiences to reinforce technical skill and knowledge. Written reports of work are required.